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Android: How do I set my availability on the App?
Android: How do I Check In/Check Out/Log breaks through the App?
Different kinds of jobs and actioning them
Different types of Jobs
Job Filtering
Finding your schedule for the month via the App
Working with more than one agency that uses TempBuddy App
iOS: How do I set my availability on the App?
FAQs about offline checks
How much space does the TempBuddy App require?
How can I request for additional shifts to my existing assignment?
Can I check in/out of shifts if I don't have internet connection on my phone?
What does the three tabs on the Timesheets menu (App) mean?
Using the IVR to check-in and check-out of an assignment
Can I change my profile picture on the App?
Is there a way to edit my timesheet if I don’t have access to the App?
Can I accept the job from the web portal?
How TempBuddy protects your privacy
How do I check-in/out from the web portal?
How do I change my profile pic/name/email/phone number on the App
Home Country download error - Android
How do I log my break while I am checked in?
Accessing and editing the timesheet at the end of an assignment (Temp)
I haven’t received the registration email yet
I can’t login to the App
I forgot to check in or out. What do I do now?
Does the App track my every movement?
Who do I contact about what?
Is TempBuddy my new employer?
Can I use TempBuddy to find full-time positions?
How do I add dates to my timesheet? (Temp)
Where do I see the jobs my agency sends me?
How do I see/apply for public jobs?
How can I view messages from my agency or TempBuddy in the App?
Downloading and logging in on TempBuddy
iOS: How do I Check In/Check Out/Log breaks through the App?
How can I get the client to sign on my timesheet from the App?
How do I reset my password on the App?
I don't have a smart phone/I have a Windows phone. What should I do?