When you're on time and at the designated job location, open the TempBuddy App from your mobile phone. You will see the CHECK IN button - just press on it to check in. 

If you are late for the shift, it will be written on the App and there will be a red indicator around the CHECK IN button.

Once you check in, the CHECK OUT button will appear. This indicates that you checked in successfully and are ‘on the job’.

If you want to take a break/be on standby/travel during the work hours, tap the 3 dots below the CHECK OUT button. You will get three icons to select a break/standby/travel respectively, select the icon accordingly as per your requirement. To resume work, simply tap the Resume Work button.

A single press on the CHECK OUT button will check you out. 

Note : If your agency requires a selfie picture during check in and/or out, your phone's camera will be accessed once the "IN" or "OUT" buttons were pressed.

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