If you get a country error while trying to download the Android App from Google Play, try the following -

Basic requirements:

  1. Make sure you have installed the Google Play App on your device and it is updated

  2. You need an account associated with it to download Apps

If you have downloaded the App in the past and you cannot do it now try this -

  1. Go to your device Settings, look for the Google Play App and clean the cache and try again

  2. Make sure you have not edited your device region and language recently

  3. If the problem persists, you could be using an old Android version not compatible with the App. Try to use a higher OS version

  4. If the problem persists, you can contact the Support team to get more information

If it is the first time you try to download the App and it is not available, it may not have been made available in your country yet. Report this problem to the Support team

Note: These instructions are only valid for Android devices. To contact the Support Team, click on the pink bubble (on the web portal) or the '?' icon on the App.

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