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Filtering Jobs in the APP

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My Job Segment (Jobs >> My Jobs): 

This segment will show 3 sections outlined below that show a summary of the most recent jobs per section. The See All button will be present if there are more jobs in that section and pressing it will open that section to a new full screen to show a larger number of jobs.

Action Required:

These section will lists jobs that are either job offers/assignments/adverts given by the agency to you that have not been actioned/responded to you yet. Assignments/Offers/adverts will stay in here until actioned or no longer available, even if read. 

Awaiting Response:

These jobs are job offers/adverts/assignments/applications that the you have responded to but requires a response from the client/agency for it to become a fully confirmed job/assignment.


  • You expressed your interest in a job advert but the agency has since not responded yet

  • You applied for a job via the Job Search segment but the agency is yet to respond

  • You accepted a job assignment/job offer but the client is yet to confirm it from their end


The history section shows all jobs from the past in descending order from the most recent edit that no longer require action from the you/agency/client or are now expired/rejected/cancelled/confirmed/not interested.


  • Accepted/Declined/Expired job offers

  • Rejected job applications

  • Not interested/Closed Job proposals

Search Segment (Jobs >> Search):

When you go to the Jobs >> Search tab, you can find the available job openings.

Customising the Search options:

You could enter a search keyword (example – chef, wait staff, etc) on the Search bar or click the Filters option to customise the search to filter through the search results.

Clicking the Filters option will let you refine the search in different areas as below. By default, they are all set to ‘Any’.

After customising each section as per your requirement, you can click the Apply button to search using the filter you created.

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