If an assignment is booked for you via TempBuddy, your timesheet will be available on the Timesheets tab after you have checked out of a shift. If you missed check in/out, a blank timesheet will be available for you once your agency generates a timesheet as per their schedule. If your agency allows a timesheet edit (as per their setting), then you can edit a timesheet if needed.

On the App, you can access your timesheet by clicking on the Timesheets tab. Here, you can access the new timesheet, the ones pending for approval and the ones that you have sent. 

**If your timesheet has not been approved by your agency yet, you can edit it through both your App and your email.

In order to edit a timesheet, click 'View' on the timesheet you want to edit, click on the pencil icon to edit the hours and then click Send for approval. If you need to add more dates to the timesheet (eg - you forgot to check in and out and now you have to manually add the date into the blank timesheet), you can click on the + icon at the top.

Once you have saved it, it will move to the 'Sent' tab. After your agency has approved it, you will see an 'Approved' stamp against the timesheet.

Here is what the timesheet mail will look like. You can click on Edit to edit the timesheet the same way as the App or click Approve to approve it.

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