To register your hours of work, you can also use the IVR functionality. The IVR allows you to check in and check out using a dial-pad on your phone through an automated system that uses voice recognition and an IVR PIN number to verify your identity when you check-in and check-out of an assignment. 

To access the IVR, dial the IVR number (UK and Ireland: +44-131-510-2228/+1-844-633-2046/+44-183-750-0006 and US: +1-855-899-3055/+1-669-238-3672) and  follow the instructions. Please have your IVR PIN ready. Your IVR number (8 digit number) would have been emailed to you when you first set up your TempBuddy account with your agency. You can also log into the web portal ( using your username & password to get your IVR PIN.

If you don't have access to either option, you may contact your agency or the TempBuddy Support team to get it.

While trying to check in/out of a job using the IVR, if you get messages like 'No Action Is Expected' or 'Validation Failed',  please contact your agency as the phone number you are dialling from may not be registered to acknowledge your IVR check in/out.

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