There are two different kinds of availability setting on the TempBuddy App. This article will explain the differences between the two and when or how to set them.

1. When to use Dashboard >> Available Now button:

This button alerts your agency of your real time availability and is only valid for 24 hours. We recommend you to use this when you don't have work for the day but are ready to accept a job if a last minute opening is available. To set yourself available this way, just press the Available Now button on the Dashboard.

2. When to use the General Availability and how to set it:

The general availability lets you set the hours that you are available daily or on a given day, and also to set yourself available/unavailable for a full day. It also lets you set your recurring availability by days and hours.

Here's a step-by-step instructions on how to set the general availability -

On the App, tap the Schedule tab (calendar icon).

Note: The Dots under a date will represent shifts that you have, if any.

If you are set available to work, you will see Available written against the date on the calendar. If you are not available to work on that day, you can change it by changing the slider next to Are you available for work? to OFF.

You can also set a particular slot for your availability in case you are only available for a certain slot for that day but not the entire day. To do this, tap the Select times option and select the slot that you are available for work. You can also make yourself available for multiple slots in a day.

When you tap the Select times option, you will see the option to select the slots/timeframes as below -

Tap the time on From and To to select the timeslot, the time selector will look like the screen below -

The outer circle is for the AM and the inner circle is for the PM. You can point it to either circle to select the time as per your requirement.

Example 1: Pointing to 9 on the outer circle indicates 9am

Example 2: Pointing to 21 on the inner circle indicate 9pm

After you select the hour, the minute window will automatically open and you can choose the time you want and click OK.

Alternatively, you can also click on the keyboard icon instead to punch in the time instead of using the clock spinner -

This will give you the option to type the time in.

To set multiple availability slots in a day, choose Add another time slot after adding the first slot.

After adding the required time slots, click on the arrow at the top to go back to the previous screen to save the setting.

Setting Availability for the whole week/month

If you have a recurring availability/unavailability, instead of setting your schedule for each day of the month, you can set your availability in one go. To do this, tap the clock icon at the top of the Schedule screen.

This will take you to the Set Recurring Hours screen where you can set your recurring availability/unavailability. For example, if you are available for a certain slot on Mondays, you can set it. If you are unavailable on Tuesdays, you can toggle the availability to OFF.

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