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Different types of Jobs
Different types of Jobs
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The agency can send you direct jobs, job offers or lets you apply for a job advertisement. The App also lets you view and apply for available job openings.

Here are the different types of Jobs you can find on the App –

Job Offer:

A position offered by the agency to you. You could either accept it or decline it. Once the job is confirmed to you, you can view it from the Schedule tab.

Job Assignment:

The agency can assign jobs to you. If it’s all confirmed from their end, you just need to press the Got it button as it’s sent to you as an FYI. However, if it’s not yet fully confirmed from their end, you will need to accept it and wait for confirmation. Once confirmed, you can view it from the Schedule tab.

Job Advert:

An offer given by the agency to the you where you can state your interest for the job or decline it. If you are chosen for the job, you will receive a confirmation from them.

Job Openings:

From the Jobs >> Search segment, you can find Job openings. You can view it and apply for these jobs. Once you apply for any of them, they move to the My Jobs segment and turn into ‘Job applications’.

Job Application:

These are the jobs that you applied for through the Search segment in the App. A job application accepted by the agency becomes a Job Assignment.


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