With the power of technology that is in our hands everyday, companies need to take responsibility for how they use this. TempBuddy, as a provider of Technology, is in a strong position to influence how agencies manage their workforce and we take our role in protecting the worker very seriously.

Firstly, when you download the TempBuddy App, you are entering into an agreement directly with us to provide certain data on your behalf to the agency. In this same agreement, we commit to protect your privacy and adhere to relevant data protection laws. Our first responsibility is to you, the worker, in how we use the data we collect from the App.

When it comes to the specifics of location services, TempBuddy only shares your location with the agency - where you check in, while you are working and where you check out. At other times, TempBuddy does not store your location. Up to 1 hour prior to the start of an assignment, TempBuddy checks to see if your location is within a specific radius to the place of work. We do not store, share or otherwise identify this location to anyone.

TempBuddy also needs access to your storage/SD card - this is used to temporarily store the photo taken at check-in and check-out before it is uploaded for verification. We do not access any other data stored on your phone/SD card.

For camera permissions: We use it to take the initial profile picture and if your agency has it set up, a 'selfie' each time you clock in and out.

For media: TempBuddy can only access its own file on your device (all Apps installed have their own file folder created for various and their own purposes). It will still say we have to access your files as this is the standard text the store displays.

For photos: If you are clocking offline, then we save that selfie in the TempBuddy folder that we access when connected to a network.

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