Ideally, you need a Wi-Fi or mobile internet (3G/4G) to check-in and out of shifts. However, TempBuddy App also allows you to check-in and check-out offline and will sync the data to the server once you have a network connection again. So, you can use your App to check in/out normally even if you are offline.

Note: In order to be able to check in/out offline, you must make sure you have already logged into the App while you still have internet connectivity. If you are not logged in prior to losing connectivity, the App will not allow you to log in and you will not be able to do so until you have connectivity again.

When the App is offline, it will display an alert like in the picture below. However, if you were already logged in prior to losing connectivity, then when it’s time to check-in to an already confirmed assignment, you will have the option to check in (or check out when it's time to check out). Then once you have internet connectivity again, the App will sync the time logs to the server.

Note:  You should ideally inform the agency that you are using the offline check feature for the day so that the agency does not duplicate the check in/out entry (since your check in/out is offline, it will not show the time logs on the recruiter's side until the device is online again).

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