In case you need to request for additional shifts to your existing assignment (eg - the client has requested you to work additional shifts, etc), you can raise an additional shift request to your existing assignment through the App. 

Note - If you simply Add a shift without attaching it to an existing assignment, it does not get raised to the agency and is just on your App. It's like an appointment diary for yourself.

In order to do this, you should have an existing assignment (with a current shift or shifts in the future) to add the additional shift to.

On the Dashboard of the App, click on the '+' icon.

Toggle the Add to existing assignment option to ON and click on the arrow next to Select existing assignment.

Select the assignment you want to add the additional shift to.

Now, click Shifts to add the date and time of the shift.

Select the date and time of the shift, and click Apply.

Review the shift you have added and click Add.

An alert will pop up stating that the agency has been notified. Click OK.

Please remember that the shift will only be officially added to your assignment after the agency approves it.

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