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Admin User Vs Recruiter User
Admin User Vs Recruiter User
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Recruiters in TempBuddy can have two different kinds of rights on the platform - Admin and Recruiter rights (Creating new Admin/Recruiters).

Admin users have the rights to everything on the portal, including making changes on the portal settings while the Recruiter users have limited access on some modules and does not have access to Settings.

The Admin users can -

i) select which modules can be accessed by the Recruiters from Settings >> Interface >> Recruiter portal

ii) change the access/permission to the Roster View and Candidates modules for the Recruiters from Settings >> Permissions as shown on the screenshot below. 

Roster View:

If the Roster View access is ON for the Recruiter, they will have access to Scheduling >> Roster View but will be able to view the rows only if they have access to either the job, assignment or candidate. Even if they can view them (one or more of the objects are accessible to them), they will only be able to access the ones which are ownerless or owned by them or their teammates.

For example - they can see a row because the job is ownerless but the candidate and/or the assignment are not accessible to them. In this case, though visible to them, they still won't be able to access the candidate nor the assignment.

Roster View for an admin user:

Roster View for a non-admin recruiter:

Note that Citadel or the first Pop Tate's job is not visible. This is because the recruiter doesn't have access to them due to ownership.

If the Roster View access is OFF for the Recruiter, the option would not appear under the Scheduling menu.


Depending on the Permissions setting, the Recruiters would be able to View/Edit/Create/Delete the candidates.

For e.g: If the Recruiter is not given an option to Edit or Delete candidates, they would not have the icons to do so on the Candidates list.

In addition to the above differences between the two users, if Team Management is active on the instance, the rights for a recruiter may be further limited (not able to access/edit other team's objects). More on that here and here.

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