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Creating Teams/Hierarchy Tree
Creating Teams/Hierarchy Tree

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To access the Team Management in order to create teams or hierarchy tree, go to Settings >> Team Management.
Before you create a team or any hierarchy tree, all the recruiters/admin users will be under the default team as below -

Creating a Team
In order to add a new Team, click Add Team.

This will bring up the Add Team window like the one below where you need to enter the details and select under which hierarchy you want to create the new Team (Root level or nested under a Team). Click Submit after entering all the required details.

You can see the newly created team under the Hierarchy Tree now.

Note: You can add up to 10 teams in the entire hierarchy.

Adding a child/sub-team:

In order to add a child team/sub-team, on the Add Team window, select the Team you want the new team to be nested under.

The child team will be displayed under the team you selected.

Adding a recruiter to a team:

You can drag and drop the recruiters from your default list to the teams you want to assign them to.

You can also add them by clicking on Add Recruiter to Team.

Choose the recruiter you want to add and the team you want to add them to from the drop-down list and click Submit.

The recruiter will show up on the hierarchy tree. Note the difference in the icons of a team and a recruiter.

Note: A recruiter can be added to more than one teams and you can add multiple recruiters in one team.

Editing, moving or removing a Team:

When you hover the mouse over the teams, you will get the option to Edit, Move or Remove the team.

Edit will bring up the window to edit the details of the team. Click Submit after making the changes.

Move allows you to drag and drop the team to other teams or to the root level.

Remove is to delete/remove a child team from the hierarchy. A confirmation dialog box will open up. Click Confirm if you are sure.

Note - If you remove a child team with recruiters, the recruiters will be moved to the root/agency level.

Moving, transferring or removing a Recruiter:

When you hover the mouse over a recruiter, you will get the option to move, transfer or remove the recruiter.

Move allows you to drag and drop the recruiter to other teams or to the root level.

Transfer lets you transfer all the objects owned (candidates, clients, assignments, jobs, timesheets, payslip, invoices, etc) by a recruiter to another recruiter.


Select the new target owner from the drop-down list.

Click Confirm.

A message confirming the transfer will be displayed.

Here's an example of what the Transfer action does:

The owner of the candidate below is Recruiter tb-skillcorps.ย 

If I transfer all objects from Recruiter Alan to Recruiter Dexter as below -

You can see the owner change being reflected in the candidate's profile -

Remove is to delete/remove the recruiter from the hierarchy. A confirmation dialog box will open up. Click Confirm if you are sure.

When you remove a recruiter from the hierarchy, they will be removed from the team and move back to the root/agency level. This does not 'delete' the recruiter from the agency.

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