Team Management allows agencies to define a hierarchical structure of Teams and Recruiters. A team can be defined as a group that contains recruiters/administrators and/or other teams. Teams contained within other teams are considered nested and would become a hierarchical tree structure.

*where Root Level is the Agency and branches contain Recruiter

While an admin user has visibility to every object and module within the sysytem, recruiters will have visibility settings that defines which parts of the hierarchy they can see once a team structure is created. This is called data segregation.

An agency's branches would become teams and each team will have Recruiters and Administrators. Within each, when a Recruiter creates a record(i.e. a job, a client, a candidate, an assignment), that record is set up as been owned by the team the user belongs to. 

Throughout TempBuddy, user access to information will be determined by the team access. 

Day Book

The Day Book shows all assignments for a particular day/week and also shows who is the assigned candidate to the assignment.

A Recruiter is able to see a row in the Day Book if they match one or both of these two conditions:

  • Recruiter has access to the assignment (done by some candidate)

  • Recruiter has access to the candidate (who's doing some assignment)

Assuming you have access/visibility to the Day Book row, you will also gain the ability to manage that assignment (add check-in/out, send a message to the candidate and add a flag).

Roster View

The Roster View component combines the following objects:

  • Jobs

  • Clients

  • Assignments

  • Candidates

A Recruiter will be able to see a row in the Roster View as long as he meets any of the following conditions:

  • Recruiter has access to the job

  • Recruiter has access to the assignment

  • Recruiter has access to the candidate (doing an assignment)

Note: Having access to the client doesn't give access to see any row of the roster, unless you also meet any of the conditions above.

Candidate Roster View (CRV)

The Candidate Roster View shows information about candidates and their availability (including assignment information). Recruiter will be able to see this view if:

  •  Recruiter has access to the candidate

Activity boxes in the Dashboard

The boxes above are placed in the homepage of the recruiter portal. The values to show will be filtered based on:

  • Candidate Activity: Only accessible candidates to the Recruiter

  • Assignments: Only accessible jobs to the Recruiter

  • Day Book: Following the same rules that apply to the Day Book section above

  • Unassigned jobs: Only accessible jobs to the Recruiter

Search engines

Only accessible objects can be returned by the searches around the recruiter portal .

Global search

Candidate search

Job search

Look for a job for a particular candidate

Autocomplete Fields 

When adding a job,  on Step 2, you will see a new field called Owner and this refers to the Recruiter/Team this job is associated with.

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