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How do I create an online form to onboard workers?
How do I create an online form to onboard workers?

Step by step instructions on creating an online onboarding form

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To create the Online On-boarding Form, go to Settings >> On Boarding >> Online Form. Once there, click on Add New to create a new online form.

You need to give it a name on the screen below and click Add (Symbols cannot be used on the name).

The form will appear on the screen and you are ready to build it to include all the fields you want the worker to fill up as per your requirement. If you need to add questions which are not already available under Attributes/Custom Attributes/Files, you can add a new Custom Attribute first and then go back to the form.

Here’s a closer look at the form with a brief explanation of what each field/button does.

You can Preview, Save or Close the form using the buttons at the top right corner. After you are finished with the form, you can refer to this article here on how you can publish it.

More on Resources here.

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