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How can job applications be received from candidates?
How can job applications be received from candidates?

Viewing candidate's job applications

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When candidates apply for your job advertisement, you can check the job applications in the following ways -

i) Go to the job profile (Jobs >> All Jobs >> click on the eye icon against the job) and then go to the Assignments tab. Here, you can see the number of applications submitted and the list of candidates who has applied for it. You also have the option to Accept, Move to Reserve List or Reject the application.

ii) Go to Jobs >> Applications to get a view of all the jobs that were advertised that candidates have applied for with detailed information like the number of applications pending/accepted/rejected/reserve. 

You can see the status of jobs that were advertised via candidate pools as well as the public jobs on this page. Click on the eye icon to go directly to the Job to take actions.

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