Yes, there is! Step-by-step instructions below -

Scheduling >> Roster View >> Expand the client

When there's an unfulfilled position, you will see a people icon with Click to find candidates option. Click on it to find a candidate to assign.

You will get a window similar to the one below. You can search for a candidate from the filter options or scroll through the list and click on the hand icon to assign the chosen candidate.

On the Assignment Creation wizard Step-1, check if everything is in place and click Next.

On Step-2, make sure the options you want for the assignment are correct and then click Next.

On Step-3, fill up the assignment attributes (if applicable). Make sure the first toggle is ON if you want to send communication to the candidate and client via Email and App (only candidate). If you want to auto-confirm the client or the candidate, toggle the options to ON accordingly. Click Submit.

On the Preview Communication Emails window, you can choose whether you want to send the confirmation email to the client and the candidate. You will also be able to preview/edit the mails to be sent to the client and the candidate, attach files or add your comments and click Send to send the message.

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