File Custom Attributes:

Before, we used to have one file that holds both the custom attribute and the type. We have now separated it - each file can have many custom attributes (of type File) attached to it. 

The type File custom attribute will only be attached to uploaded files. To create one, go to Settings >> Custom Attributes >> scroll down to Attributes >> New.

Under Show In, select File. The attribute type can be any of the type listed. 

With this attribute created, you can upload a file to any profile (candidate, client, job etc) and attach the attribute value to it.

Compliance Categories:

This is used to classify the files that you are uploading. You can define a file compliance catagory and tag it to the files uploaded. 

To create a new Compliance Categories, go to Settings >> Custom Attributes >> scroll down to Compliance Categories >> New.

Give a name to the Category and Click Add.

File compliance:

You can merge the File custom attributes and the File Compliance Categories that you created to create a compliance on the files uploaded. 

When you go to a profile (Candidate/Client/Job, etc), scroll down to the bottom and select the Files tab. Click on the File upload area to upload a file.

When you click the Edit button on Compliance Category, you will see the categories you pre-defined and select it to categorize the uploaded file. 

When you click the Edit button on the Custom Attributes section, you will see all the type File custom attributes created. Click the Edit button to add values to the custom attributes you want to attach to the file.

Click OK after you have entered the values for the attributes.

You can see the Compliance Category tagged against the file and the expiry date set against an attribute. To see the Custom attributes value, you have to click the 'Edit' button at this time (since there can be multiple attributes and values) . If more than one expiry date is present on the Custom attribute, the system will display the first value on the screen below (while you can still see the rest by clicking the Edit option).

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