TempBuddy allows you to select the Billing Method for your candidates and save their Billing information like the Bank details, Company details and tax details.

To enter the Billing method for a candidate, go to the Candidate profile and select the Billing Method tab.



Here are the different method you can select from the list -

i) Payroll / W-2: Candidates that belong to your payroll; you pay the candidates their wage and the tax is handled/paid to the taxman by you

ii) Limited Company / 1099: Independent contractors; you pay the candidates in full and they are responsible for their own taxes. The tax included is calculated on the candidates' payslip by TempBuddy, set at 20% by default

iii) Umbrella / PEO: External workers who works for or are registered with a payroll bureau, who will in turn, deal with the candidates' pay and their taxes

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