By default, TempBuddy sends out emails from This email, as the name suggests, cannot be replied to. You can customize the email sender’s address to your own by setting up the email in the mailing field.

This can be set from Settings >> Settings >> Mailing -

The Configuration Process

In order to configure a custom sending email address, you need to do complete two actions:

  • Set up SPF and DKIM entries on your domain DNS records.

  • Validate ownership of the domain.

Set up SFP and DKIM entries
This should be done by your Systems Administrator. You can find more information about how to do so, in this link.

Validate ownership of the domain

  • In the mailing component on Settings >> Settings >> Mailing (shown above), type in the desired email address you would like to use for emails sent by Tempbuddy

  • After doing this, a modal window will pop up, prompting for an email address. This is the email address where you would like to receive a one-off domain ownership validation email with a validation link on it

  • An email will be sent to this address with a link on it. You need to copy this link and send it to a Tempbuddy Support agent via chat or to

  • The Support Team will validate your domain using that link

Once these steps are completed successfully, the mailing section on the Settings page should indicate that the given domain has been verified.

Example screenshot below ( will be replaced by your Email sender/domain) -

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