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What is the Strict and Aligned timesheet adjustment for?
What is the Strict and Aligned timesheet adjustment for?

Timesheet adjustments

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TempBuddy can automatically adjust timesheets to the original times of the assignment at certain points in time depending on the existing agreements you have with your client.

Let’s take for an example, a 9.00-17.00 shift. If a worker captures check-in time before the start of an assignment but the client will only pay from the time that they have booked the job for, a worker would have to edit timesheets to match the payable hours.

Using the Strict and Align feature, we can automate timesheet adjustments for multiple situations like this.

The screen below shows what each of the option mean when switched to ON.

A full-on adjustment (an assignment that has all four turned ON) will display a timesheet of starting and ending time exactly as the time the client has specified.

The default setting can be set from Settings >> Settings >> Check in/out adjustments but can also be changed from the Create New Job wizard for a specific job while creating the job (Step 2: Advanced). It can also be adjusted from an already created job or assignment as well.

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