Public Jobs are currently a non-targeted Job Opening ‘advert’ that all Agency registered candidates can see. Whilst public jobs can and will remain visible to an open ‘non-targeted’ audience, the alignment of ‘Job Types’ to Candidate profiles will drive what default in-App search filter values are applied when Candidates search for Public Jobs.

If Job Types are enabled in your Settings, Candidate Apps will use the Job Type Filter values on the candidate profiles to drive what ‘sticky’ filter values are applied in the new ‘Job Type’ filter in the App.

To use the Job Type feature for Public jobs on your instance, you need to enable it first. To do this, go to Settings >> Custom Attributes >> Job Types. Switch the toggle ON and click on the Save icon.

To add a new Job Type, click on the Add New icon.

Enter the details of the new Job Type and click Submit.

You can enable/disable a specific Job Type if needed. You can also edit them if required.

Once the Job Types are defined, they can be tagged to candidate profiles (you can tag multiple Job Types to a profile).

When you create a public job, you can select the targetted Job Type from Step-2 of the Create New Job wizard.

Once a job is posted publicly, your candidates can see it by going to Jobs >> Search on the App.

The grey pill on the Job card shows the Job Type of the job helping your candidates to distinguish between jobs, especially when they are aligned to several Job Type values.

Candidates can see the Job Types they are aligned with and also select other Job Types to refine their search when they click on the Filters option on the Search page and going to Job type.

The core Job Type assigned by the agency is in bold. Selecting the other Job types from here is temporary and will be cleared when they move away from the Job >> Search tab.

After they have selected the additional Job Types to refine their searches, they would be able to see the other job types (if there's any posted by the agency).

Candidates can also save their own search/filter and distance preferences instead of entering the values for every search. This is available from Messages >> Settings >> My filter preferences.

Please note: For Job Type values, the candidates/workers cannot remove Job Type values selected by Recruiters (we call these Core or Recruiter driven). They can only add additional Job Types to what Recruiters have already selected for them.

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