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How can I add workers to my preferred list of candidates?
How can I add workers to my preferred list of candidates?
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If you are happy with a candidate's performance and would like to employ them for your future jobs, you can add them to your preferred candidate list. This will be flagged to the agency which they can approve.

When candidates are in your preferred list, you would be able to select them as your preferred choice for your future jobs so that the agency can allocate them to the jobs if they are available.

To do this, go to the Day Book >> Add to my preference list icon against the candidate you want to add (in order to add a candidate, they should have at least one confirmed assignment with your company so they they are shown on the Day Book).

Type the Reason (option) and click Confirm.

You will see the message below on the screen, which indicates that your petition to add the candidate as your preferred candidate has been sent to the agency.

After submitting the petition, you can track the status from Preferred Candidates >> Preferred Candidate Petitions. Before the agency approves it, you have the option to cancel it by clicking the X icon if you change your mind.

After the agency approves it, you can see the Approved status.

To check the full list of candidates added as your preferred candidate, go to the Preferred Candidates tab.

The agency can also add candidates to your preferred list (without having to go through this petition) if you'd rather inform them and have them add it for you.

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