There are two paths you can follow to clone a job -

i) Jobs >> Add New Job

Enter the Client name, select the Main Client Contact, add the client contact approver (if required) and switch the Clone Job option ON. Once that's done, the Clone Job form will appear. 

Enter the name of the job you want to clone from. Once you have done that, you can enter the new title for the job, the start date, positions and click Next to review the steps on the Create New Job wizard and change the fields that are different from the original job. Once done, finish the wizard like you would a normal job.

ii) Jobs >> All Jobs >> cog icon against the job you want to clone >> Clone Job

When you use this path to clone the job, the details of the job to be cloned would already be entered (you don't need to enter the client name, name of the job etc). The rest of the steps are the same as the above.

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