Client Groups allows the Admin Recruiter to group clients that form part of a bigger organisation and provide the end client user with a single access to view assignments and create new requirements for all the organisation. 

For example:
There are 2 clients on the TempBuddy system: Client A and Client B who have a client contact each.
They both are part of Org Z and is managed by an Administrator.
As a contact of either Client A or Client B, they can access their client portal individually.
Because they are part of Org Z, the manager of Org Z can now view both client A and client B client portal in one unified view. This manager is referred as the Client Group Administrator (CGA) in TempBuddy. 

As an AdminRecruiter, you have access to the settings page in TempBuddy to create those groups for your clients. 

Steps to use Client Groups

  • Individual clients should already be created on the TempBuddy system

Step 1: Create your groups
In Settings > Client Group Management; click on "Add Group" button
A screen as shown below will appear

Enter a name for the group, example: Org Z
Enter a description (optional)
Select a group or leave it in the root folder (default)
NOTE: You can nest client groups within other groups. In this case, the highest level CGA will see everything.

Once the groups are created, you will see the hierarchy tree as shown below

Note the icons when it is a group and individual client

Step 2: Create your client group administrators
In Settings > Users > Client Group Administrators; click on "Add New" button
The interface will prompt you to enter the details of the CGA

Enter the details and assign to a group
Click "Create" to finish

That's it, now you have created your client groups and their Admin. 

To check who is the Admin within a group

  • Go to Settings > Client Groups Management

  • Click on any group

  • The details will be shown on the right hand side of the screen

You can also edit and add more clients or admins to the group from this screen

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