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Release Notes for 1.9.4
Release Notes for 1.9.4

4th Nov 2019

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Changed and Enhanced TempBuddy Features 

My Jobs Filtering

Now it's possible to filter by 'My jobs' in the following views:  

  • Timesheets (Weekly view and Unapproved view) 

  • Roster View 

  • Clients 

Client Timesheet Confirmation:

You now have the ability to approve timesheets on behalf of your clients can be restricted to admins recruiters only. 

In Settings >> General,  you can turn on or off this ability to approve timesheets on behalf of the client for administrators only. 




Now the Daybook and Roster View exports can be restricted to admin recruiters only 





New Features:

Email Templates: 

Now there are two placeholders available on email templates to render job start date and job end date separately 



 Issue Alert System: 

A new system to flag issues to recruiters was developed. Right now is only being used for notifications regarding assignments with conflictive candidates (based on DBS records)


TempBuddy Bug Fixes

Candidate Roster View: 

  • Fix the list of jobs shown not showing for certain agencies

Job Matching  

  • Fixed Candidate Roster View bugs:  Non admin recruiter is not able to assign a Job to a candidate though the candidate owner is from same team 

  • Showing message as 'This candidate is unavailable for the job' even though he is available, when assign a job from Candidate Roster View 

  •  Candidates owned by other recruiters of the same team cannot get job matchings. 

Client Group Hierarchy 

  • Client Group Management Setting Screen not working

  • Fixed an issue where it was allowed to delete CGAs even when they were associated to a client group 

  • Fixed an issue where GDPR enforcement was locking CGAs 

  • Fixed an issue where moving a client to a group was failing 

  • Fixed error message when trying to delete a client which is parent of another client 

Job Advertising and Pools  

  • Fixed an issue were workers were not able to accept adverts via email

Timesheet Generation  

  • Fixed an issue where the toggle to enable/disable automatic timesheet generation was not following default value defined on settings when accepting a job petition 

Candidate Payrate Overview  

  •  Fixed an issue with the candidate payrate overwrite toggle not working correctly 


  •    Fixed an issue where navigation was shown even when no pools had been created 

  •       Fixed an issue where an error message was shown if creating a pool without candidates 

Job Matching Results   

  • Fixed an issue were some previously available actions around search results view had disappeared

Candidate Listings  

  • Fixed sorting by 'Status/Expiry Date' or 'Created On' columns in 'All candidates' view


  • Fixed an issue where billrate/payrate was applied twice on daily billed assignments with overnight shifts

  • Fixed an issue where billable time was adding extra time because of counting premium rules on top of standard ones (Timesheet + Billing endpoint)

Billing Preview 

  • Fixed an issue where billing rules where not applied correctly 


  • Fixed an issue where messages where being generated twice when recruiter replied a worker 

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