Changed and Enhanced TempBuddy Features 


Job Filtering  


Workers will be able to filter searches for Jobs within the App. These additional functions mean changes to the UI. For example, ‘Notifications’ has changed name to ‘Jobs’. This means that messages will now be stored in their very own specialized area called My Jobs 


My Job Segment (Jobs >> My Jobs): 

This segment will show 3 sections outlined below that show a summary of the most recent jobs per section. The See All button will be present if there are more jobs in that section and pressing it will open that section to a new full screen to show a larger number of jobs. 


Action Required: 

These section will lists jobs that are either job offers/assignments/adverts given by the agency to you that have not been actioned/responded to you yet. Assignments/Offers/adverts will stay in here until actioned or no longer available, even if read.

Awaiting Response: 

These jobs are job offers/adverts/assignments/applications that the you have responded to but requires a response from the client/agency for it to become a fully confirmed job/assignment. 


i) You expressed your interest in a job advert but the agency has since not responded yet 

ii) You applied for a job via the Job Search segment but the agency is yet to respond 

iii) You accepted a job assignment/job offer but the client is yet to confirm it from their end 


The history section shows all jobs from the past in descending order from the most recent edit that no longer require action from the you/agency/client or are now expired/rejected/cancelled/confirmed/not interested. 


i) Accepted/Declined/Expired job offers 

ii) Rejected job applications 

iii) Not interested 

 We have also improved upon the worker’s User Journey. Any Assignments that has been auto-confirmed by the Recruiter, in the Portal, will now display a ‘Got It’ button in the App. Now the worker can acknowledge they are fully confirmed for the assignment and move the job from ‘Action Required’ to ‘History’. This is shown in App via a new green ‘confirmed’ status on the job. Mobile version 2.6.0. will be released approximately 5th of September for iOS and Android.   

Customizing the Search options

You could enter a search keyword (example – chef, wait staff, etc) on the Search bar or click the Filters option to customize the search to filter through the search results.  


Clicking the Filters option will let you refine the search in different areas as below. By default, they are all set to ‘Any’.  




After customizing each section as per your requirement, you can click the Apply button to search using the filter you created. 


Permissions on Exports  

As an admin user, you can now enable or disable the rights to export files throughout the system for non-admin recruiters. This toggle is located in Settings>Interface>Recruiter Portal. 

Assignment Patterns  

In long-running assignments, you can now edit a weekly shift without affecting the shifts that happened in the past. It will edit all the weeks to come, but it will ensure that previous work stays as it is.   

It is also now possible to erase all future shifts occurrences while retaining all shifts that happened in the past. 

Customer Attributes  

Client Contact information is now included in the attributes table listed in the Setting section of the dashboard. This now means you can create custom attributes for the Client Contacts on Client Records  


You can now also gain additional insight from hover over a candidate in the Roster view. Now when you hold the mouse cursor over a candidate, you will also see what location they are assigned. In the image below you can see this additional information in the bottom left quadrant, directly under Pay Rate. 

TempBuddy Bug Fixes 

  • The worker App no longer shows an error message when accepting a job from the notification tab 

  • The GET request for tags has been fixed 

  • The ability for users to input a space in a username has been retracted. Now when a user inputs a space in their username, the message “The username contains special characters and that is not allowed” 

  • Ownership of a candidate can now be saved when a user is not the owner, and when the owner value is updated 

  • Log are now updated to show the owner of the assignment 

  • Candidate activity tile on the dashboard now works when GDPR is enabled 

  • The API Get request for transferring all candidates now successfully works 

  • When a candidate is removed from a pool, it now also updates in the roster view 

  • Timesheet approval though email has been addressed  

  • Permission to delete contact has been updated to act in expected behavior 

  • Required custom attribute duplication on the new contact wizard has been addressed 

  • Workers can now work on shifts on the 31st of December and the 1st of January after a successful fix to assignments that span between years  


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