What’s New in Version 1.9.1

Recruiter teams and ownership
Now when you log in as a recruiter it's possible to have the owner of new records such as Candidate automatically defaulted to you. You can do this in System Settings under the General Tab.

Adapt Integration
Once a candidate is deleted from TempBuddya notification will be sent to Adapt.

Now permissions can be applied to Client Locations in Settings under Permissions tab to restrict/enable Create/Edit/Delete of Locations. 

API - New Timesheet API endpoint
New API endpoint to expose timesheet  and billing information has been created. 

Time capture on Mobile App
Now agencies can decide if they want to use the time-capturing functionality found in the worker app. ‘On’ will generate a timesheet as per usual, ‘Off’ will exclude the Client and Assignments from the Automatic Timesheet Generation processes. This is set on Client Level via a setting.

What we have enhanced 

Standardising Payslip and Invoice Calculations
Improved the rounding of decimal numbers shown in Invoices and Payslips to follow the same rounding rules 

Candidate Profile Enhancement
In the candidate profile there is now enhanced validation when setting NI/SSN field numbers.

Email Template
The URL link to the TempBuddy help site help.tempbuddy.com has been updated on all email template.

Performance and Security upgrade on the Portal/API/Server
Several performance and security enhancements with the portal, such as: Public API 'Get Client' Daybook, Assignment List, Client Profile and Searching queries streamlined for quicker loading Firewall vocab rules refined to prevent safe vocab in messages triggering errors e.g. ‘Union’ was previously causing blocks, it now is not

What have we fixed

Fixed several issues around client and agency approvers, the correct client approvers will be receiving the Timesheet email.

Fixed compliance stamps showing as Green/met on candidate profile when they are not met.

Fixed an issue where assignments weren't exported if the related timesheet had too many rows

Billing Page

Fixed an issue when updating the "cost" field from job/assignment profiles AND
Fixed an issue when editing VAT for Clients

Fixed validation on POST/PUT Job endpoint
Fixed DELETE endpoints for

  • JobAssignment

  • Client

  • Candidate 

  • Pools

  • Fix the old 'ownerID' parameter to keep backwards compatibility with the new ownership model:

  • POST/PUT Assignment

  • GET/POST/PUT Candidate

  • GET Job

Email Templates
Fixed an issue with hyperlinks, they are now behaving correctly

Timesheet Imports
Fixed a validation errors when sending timesheet with days without shifts

Fixed an error that would prevent candidates to set their availability whenever exceptions of more than 24h where present

Check In/Out
Now camera will open correctly if the assignment setting to require a picture is set to ON

Now the "Weekly View" timesheet listing will use the related job location's timezone of each timesheet instead of the agency timezone to define the week window.

Fixed the filtering by week on the 'All jobs' view

Tags can be used even if they start with a digit

Fixed an issue when displaying candidates with rare country names

Fixed an issue when removing candidate pools

Candidate Roster View
Fixed an issue when filtering by candidate name

Fixed the auto-refreshing of the "People working now" dashboard tile, whenever it's updated by the ATG process

Changed a DB setting to avoid silent trimming of queries



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