The timesheet importer gives you the ability to import timesheets into TempBuddy from a third party software instead of using TempBuddy's timesheets. To do this, make sure the Timesheet Generation is set to OFF for the job/assignment/client.

This option to switch off Timesheet Generation is available at all stages from when you add a new client through to client job and assignment.

Client creation page:

Client Information page:

To turn off the Automatic Timesheet Generation at any stage on the client profile simple slide the field to OFF.

Job creation page:

Job Information page:

Assignment Information page:

To Import the third party timesheets, you go the Pay and Bill >> Timesheets >> Import Timesheets

The timesheet import template can be found here. Here are what the fields are for -
 i) Assignment ID - the numbers at the end of an assignment URL is the ID; for e.g - if the assignment URL is, the assignment ID is 4033
ii) Date - this is the start date of the timesheet and is in a YYYY-MM-DD format
iii) Day columns - You can load up to 7 days time logs in one row, hence, Day 1 to Day 7. In case you need to add more days, go to the next column and continue with the logs. The number of hours are to be entered in these cells.

After you have filled up the template, click Choose File from the Import Timesheets screen and select the file. Put a check on the Column Names on first row option and then select Process File.

You should get the validation screen as below to review it and check if there are any errors/warning. If it's good to go, click Process.

You would get the screen below once it's processed.

You can then see the timesheet on the All Timesheets page -

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