With the Ver 1.8 release on the 20th of January 2019, we have introduced a new shift scheduler/picker to remove the weekly pattern restriction as per your feedback and requests.

With this module, you can not only plot the recurring shifts in an assignment but change the time for a particular shift/date as well.

This is what will come up when you try to plot/edit the shift on a job/assignment now.

You can still highlight/drag & drop the shift like the previous module. You will see the dates/times on the left pane. The calendar is still available and just like on the App, you can now see a dot on the days where the shifts are plotted.

Editing plotted shifts

Recurring shifts:

Reset plotted shifts:

If you want to reset the shifts you have plotted, you can use the Reset button to do it.

To reset it for a particular week only, go to the specific date on the calendar and click Reset. Then choose Reset This Week Only

To reset all, click Reset All.

Adding additional shifts:

If you want to add additional shifts into your existing pattern, you can click on the Add button and add the shift.

Shifts Overlapping Error:

When you try to update an assignment, please check the already plotted shifts from the calendar or from the left pane of the window which lists all the shifts. If you try to simply update the assignment without checking the already plotted shifts, you’d be trying to apply new shifts which would be conflicting with the existing shifts.

This will result to an error below –

So, to avoid this, either edit/remove the conflicting shifts first, or reset the assignment if you want to start the whole pattern afresh.

Assignment Emails:

When the assignment email is sent out, it will now include all the days on the assignment with the shift (for both new and updated assignments).

If you don’t want to remove the historic dates, you may use the Reset option to remove the unwanted weeks from it.

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