Candidate Roster View (CRV) is a module where recruiters/consultants can quickly view their candidates & their availability, and assign jobs to them accordingly.

Go to Scheduling >> Candidate Roster View

This is what the Candidate Roster View looks like -

By default, it will only show the candidates tagged to the logged in recruiter. Candidates can be tagged to their recruiter/consultant from their profile -

To change the default view, you can use the Filters option and change the display selection (filter by candidate, category, tag, candidate pool, availability, consultant) and click Search -

The Candidate Roster View will show you the candidates' availability (with specific time slots if set by the candidate) and will also show you assignments that they are already booked for. 

In addition to setting their availability on the App, if candidates informed the recruiters through other means about their availability, recruiters can flag this on the CRV. The aim here is to add richer data to the CRV and provide recruiters additional steer on which candidates to prioritise or to contact first. This action/flag is for recruiters and does not change a candidate's availability calendar. 

In a similar vein to the feature above, recruiters can also flag candidate's unavailability from the CRV. This action does update the candidate's availability calendar to Unavailable for the date range

This can be done one by one or by selecting/ticking multiple tiles and then go to Actions.

The CRV also has a Candidate Engagement data/icons against each candidate if the setting is enabled from Settings >> Settings >> Candidate Engagement rules. The screenshot below has the default values - these can be configured as per your requirement. 

You will see the Engagement icon next to their name. This data is captured using key candidate interactions/activity such as - updating availability, accepting an assignment, making an application, replying to a message, etc.

The CRV filter also has the Engagement level filter.

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