The status of the Consent requested, Pending and Consent updated will be automatically recorded on the Settings >> GDPR Compliance >> GDPR Mass Emails

You can also view/export a detailed status report from Reports >> GDPR Reports >> GDPR Status Report.

However, please note that the 'Consent updated' data will not be automatically recorded by TempBuddy when you receive the consent from the candidates. This needs to be updated manually on the platform using the data you collated through whichever external means you may be using to get the consent from the candidates. 

To record the consent, go to the candidates' profile >> GDPR >> Consent >> Edit Consent.

Fill up the form below with the relevant selection.

Once you are done, click Save.

The record will be updated on the candidates' profile -

If you want to upload the file/document that the candidates sent through for the consent, you can also upload it on the Files section on their profile.

The 'Content updated' column will get updated after the Consent data on the candidates' profile is updated.

Additionally, the candidate's GDPR consent status can be seen on their profile.

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