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Client timesheet approval email
Client timesheet approval email
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The timesheet approval email for client will look like the one below -

Here's a brief description of the information in the table -
Period: Assignment date(s)
Date: Date of approval email
Employee's Name: Name of the employee and the name of the assignment
Shifts: No. of shifts included in this timesheet
Hours: Total number of hours worked during the period (excluding breaks)
Breaks: Total number of breaks logged during the period
Verified: Validation of biometric, location and time together. If the timesheet has all verified, it will say 'Verified', but if one or more are not verified, then it will show a red circle with an exclamation mark (like the picture above)

If you need to check the break-up of the hours, you can either log in and check from the client portal ( or click the Edit button on the email to view it.

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