Candidates can set their availability from the App; however, there may be a situation where you need to override this as a recruiter in order to assign them a job.

To do this, go to the candidate's profile (Candidates >> All Candidates >> eye icon against the candidate) >> Calendar.

The grey areas are the unavailable slot set by the candidate via the App (or could be done by a recruiter too).

To override the availability status for a candidate, click on the Add button.

Select the date and time you want to set them Available or Unavailable (can be selected from the Type drop down).

Once done, click Submit.

You can see the changes on the Calendar (in this example, we made the candidate Available on Friday the 25th).

If the candidate has a recurring availability, instead of setting this only for one day at a time, you can also set a Recurring availability for them.

To do this, click the Recurring option.

You can then set the pattern from the pop-up window and click Submit.

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