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Creating a job (Client portal)
Creating a job (Client portal)
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You can create a job from the client portal but this will go as a request to the agency and they have to accept it before the job is live.

To create the job, go to Jobs >> Add New Job

Fill up the details in the Create New Job Petition wizard and click Submit. The job petition will then go to the agency for approval.

Tips on plotting the shift:

When you click the Schedule box, the schedule picker will appear. You can choose the date from the calendar (left pane) and plot the shifts by highlighting/dragging & dropping the shift hours for the day. You will see the dates/times plotted on the left pane; you can also see the dots on the calendar against the date which has the shifts plotted.

For recurring shifts, you can use the Repeat button.

Click Done after you have finished plotting the shifts.

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