To set up a new Compliance rule, go to Settings >> Custom Attributes >> List of Compliance >> Add New.

The pre-requisite to the Compliance check would be to create the custom attributes or type file custom attributes you would be using to check against the candidates' profile and for these attributes to be populated with data on the candidates' profile.

You can give a name to the compliance, click Add division to add a division (this is categorising checks of similar type). You can click on Add attribute to add the attribute you want to test against the candidate profile.

Let's try this out with an example Compliance rule.

The attribute added can be a Custom attribute of any type.

When you add a 'Date Type' attribute, you can either select the date it should check it against with by clicking on the Date field -

OR you can choose to compare it with the Job Finish Date or now (the present time).

For 'List Type' attribute, you will have the option to select which one applies for the compliance to be active. 

Once the attributes are set up, put a check on the Required field and click the tick icon to save it. This makes the test against the selected attribute a mandatory check for the compliance to pass.

As per your requirement, you can also click on Add division to add more checks and add the attributes to be checked under that division and follow the same steps as above. Once all your rules are ready, click Save.

As the pre-requisite stated, you need to make sure these attributes data are populated in the Candidates' profile.

For the Custom attributes, you should populate them in the Candidates' profile >> Custom Attributes tab.

For the type file custom attributes, the file should be uploaded in the Candidates' profile >> Files section as below.

After all is done, if you go to the Candidates' profile >> Compliance and select the Compliance rule from the drop-down, you should be able to see if the worker is compliant to the new rule created. In the example below, the worker is compliant to all the checks.

While creating a job, you would be able to apply the Compliance rule from Step-4 of the New Job creation wizard.

From Reports >> Compliance, you should be able to see the list of candidates with Expired and Expiring soon documents.

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