Setting it up:
In order for the IVR check in/out to work, the client location should have a record of the phone number that candidates are dialing the IVR number from.
Note - Candidates should ideally be using the App to check in/out but if they don't have a Smart phone or a network connection, etc due to which they have to fall back on the IVR system, they should dial the IVR number from one of the listed phone number(s) on the client location or their number should be added by the agency if they are going to use their personal phone.

You can check/edit the phone numbers from Clients >> All Clients >> click on the eye icon against the client >> Locations

If you need to add/change the phone number of a location, click on the Edit icon. You can edit the phone number or click on the + sign next to Phones, enter the number and then click Submit.

The changes made should take effect immediately.

Finding the Candidate's IVR PIN:
Candidates' unique IVR PIN can be found on their profile (Candidates >> All Candidates >> click on the eye icon against the candidate) >> General tab.

You can also add this on the registration email if required, by adding the [[ivr]] placeholder from Settings >> Branding >> Email templates >> New Candidate.

Candidates can also find their IVR PIN on their own by logging into the web portal ( using their username & password.

How it works:
When a job is created for a client, the candidate can dial the IVR number (UK and Ireland: +44-131-510-2228/+1-844-633-2046/+44-183-750-0006 and US: +1-855-899-3055/+1-669-238-3672) from one of the listed phone number under the Client Location when it's time to check in/out. When the IVR prompts it, the candidate will enter the unique IVR PIN. The system will identify the job for the location and the candidate, thereby allowing them to check in/out and register it back to the server. It will also prompt the candidates to state their name for verification purpose. The time logs will be displayed real-time on the Day Book just like it does when they check in using the App; it will also be recorded on the candidates' Communication tab.

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